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Bug in edge pixel corners

On 14 Feb 2017, a bug in the edge pixel corners was found. This bug causes the outside edge of the edge pixels (row 0 and 59) to be farther from the pixel center than they should be. Only pixels in rows 0 and 59 are affected, but both the native and gridded products are affected. A fix is in the pipeline and will be included in the v3-0A release at the latest, expected Summer 2017. Until then, users should ignore data from any pixel or grid cell with Row < 1 or Row > 58. 

If you are concerned that this bug impacts your work, please contact jlaughner-at-berkeley-dot-edu with questions. 

Update to v2.1C

We have updated the BEHR product to version 2.1C (from 2.1B) on 13 January 2017. This update corrects an error in previous versions pertaining to the ghost column. Previous versions of the documentation stated that BEHRColumnAmountNO2Trop contained the visible-only column (that is, only above-cloud NO2 for the cloudy fraction of the pixel), that was incorrect. The BEHR VCDs have always been the total VCD, including NO2 below clouds.  Please see the changelog for the full list of changes.

Please note that 10 days of gridded data are not present; these are days for which no valid NO2 data exists for the BEHR domain. These days are available for native OMI pixels, if you are interested in the ancillary data. The list of affected days is given in the changelog under the changes for version 2.1Arev1.

The release of NASA SP V3

We are excited about the release of the new NASA Standard Product version 3, with improved slant columns and a priori profiles. We will be updating to take advantage of the improved SCDs as soon as we can, please be patient as we work towards this.

As of Oct 27, 2016, we have paused our automatic release of new data until we can switch over to the new Standard Product.

Download New Behr Data

Generation of the BEHR product has been successfully automated.  The limiting factor is the availability of the MODIS combined 8-day albedo dataset. This imposes about a one month lag in production. 

Previously, we had made available .zip files containing the full data record. Because we are now adding new files weekly, it is no longer practical to continually update these .zip files.  Instead we have developed a Bash script which can automate downloading BEHR files over longer time periods.  It can be downloaded directly below, or you may clone the Git repository containing it. 

Please note that this program may still contain bugs; if you encounter one, either report it to the contact person at the top of this page or open an issue on the GitHub repository.

Download files individually...

.hdf at native OMI pixel resolution
.txt at native OMI pixel resolution
.hdf at regridded (0.05º × 0.05º) resolution

If you use our data, please cite Russell et al. 2011 and provide a link to this page.

Tools for working with .hdf files are available at Some people have had difficulty opening the BEHR .hdf files, especially when using older software; the files can be opened in MATLAB (versions 2012a-2014b tested), and we have also included some Python code which can be used to open the files (please click here).  Note that the BEHR .hdf files use Version 5 of the HDF format, and that some programs have different tools for opening Version 4 and Version 5 .hdf files.


Click the link below to access the prototype products used in Laughner et al. 2016 to study the effect of temporal resolution of the a priori NO2 profiles.

Prototype retrievals


Specialized BEHR products are now available for the four DISCOVER-AQ campaigns, specifically for days that the P3 flew. These files are based on v. 2.1A (a.k.a. v. 2.1Arev0) of BEHR (see this changelog for the differences).  These files also include AMFs derived from the P3B spiral profiles and NO2 tropospheric column densities calculated using those AMFs. (See this readme for details.)

If you are looking for BEHR data during DISCOVER campaigns on days when the P3 did not fly, these are available as part of the full record above.

NOTICE: There was a bug in the version of the InSitu files uploaded before 18 Sept 2015 (at 1615 PDT) that affected the BEHRColumnAmountNO2Trop and BEHRAMFTrop fields.  (See here for an explanation of the bug.) If you downloaded any InSitu files prior to 18 Sept 2015, please redownload the updated version. Note that this only affected the InSitu files, not the standard OMI_BEHR files.

Download zipped P3 flight day files by campaign

  HDF Files -
     Native OMI Pixel     
HDF Files -
Text Files -
     Native OMI Pixel      
D-AQ Maryland Download  Download Download
D-AQ California  Download Download Download
D-AQ Texas  Download Download Download
D-AQ Colorado  Download Download Download

Download Files Individually

.hdf at native OMI pixel resolution

.txt at native OMI pixel resolution

.hdf at regridded (0.05º × 0.05º) resolution


The following documentation covers features available in v. 2.1C of BEHR. The BEHR User Guide should be dated January 13, 2017; if not, please clear your browser's cached files.


To the extent possible under law, The Cohen Research Lab has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Berkeley High-Resolution NO2 Retrieval. This work is published from: United States.